Fish, wild or farmed, and sustainable

The majority of the fish we use comes from fisheries awarded with eco labels for sustainability. The wild salmon is caught in Alaska by small family run boats with one or 2 people on board. The tuna comes from very primitive fisheries in Madagascar where the catch is so limited, there is a natural sustainabilty created. Our farmed salmon comes primarily from Loch Duart which is perhaps the one salmon farm who takes the most measures to protect the environment while producing the highest quality fish. We also have a choice of carefully selected king crab and non smoked fish.

Meats. Small scaled farms with good conditions

Our meats are carefully chosen from small traditional farms where the animals are raised without the use of hormones, antibiotics or other mass production techniques. The beef is from grass-fed cows in Ireland and the poultry is label rouge from France where they are raised under proper conditions.

Traiteur Frank: Special food made easy

In addtion to our huge selection of smoked foods, we also have a selection of homemade delicatessen that make life easier while enjoying high culinary standards. Frank is a graduate from famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris which sets  the way for how we cook.