Smoke House Boards

Selection of smoked delicacies directly from Frank’s smoke house

Best of Fish
salmon, halibut, mussels, mackerel, entertainment salad
1|2 people 20
3|4 people 38
5|6 people 56

 We Love Salmon
wild Chinook king, Scottish bio and wild gravad lax
1|2 people 27
3|4 people 52
5|6 people 75

 Best of Meat
ham, beef sausage, ribeye, duck breast and chorizo
1|2 people 16
3|4 people 31
5|6 people 45

 Smoked cheese board
three types of smoked chees, Gruyere, Beemster and Truffle cheese, with matching garnish
1|2 people 12

Homemade pickles 3,5
a selection of homemade pickles a perfect compliment for our boards


Small Bites

Oysters (6 pcs) 15
French fines de claire, mignonette and lemon (GF)

Salmon cookies (2 pcs) 10
with mango chutney (GF)

Beef croquette balls from Holtkamp (6 pcs) 8
served with mustard

Bread and butter 3.5
bread with home-made smoked butter

Shrimp Croquettes from Holtkamp (3 pcs) 12
served with chili mayo

Eel with Toast 13
Dutch tradition

Fries “from Zuyd” 5

Green salad 3.5



Frank’s Fish soup 9,5
fish soup

Eel with Toast 13
Dutch tradition (GF possible)

Burrata Salad 12
Bio burrata, roasted beets, arugula (GF)

Home Town Shrimp 12
steamed wild prawns with spicy old bay herbs (GF)

King Crab – 200 grams 35
served hot with pernod butter (GF)

gerookte zalm


Salmon 24
hot smoked salmon with spinach and hollandaise sauce (GF)

Venison Steak 24
Wild from the Oostvaarderplas with brussel sprouts pumpkin puree and chestnuts (GF)

Brisket 22
lightly smoked and slowly cooked beef breast with cavolo nero and polenta (GF)

Smokey vegan 19
Smoked Tofu with Lentils, Pumpkin Puree, Cavolo Nero and Oyster Mushroom (Vegan & GF)

Fish from the Day Market price

Select Burger 16,5
dry-aged beef with home-smoked bacon, cheddar,
fried onions, lettuce and tomato. Served with French fries.

Fish ‘n Chips 16,5
fish fillet fried in beer batter with smokey jalapeño-relish.
Served with French fries.

Duck confit 16,5
duck confit served with potatoes and salad (GF)



Lava Cake 8
hot chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream

New York cheesecake or carrot cake 7
from holtkamp

Roasted Quince 7
with sorbet ice cream (vegan & GF)

Smoked Cheese Plank 12
three types of smoked cheese

Crè­me brûlée 8
vanilla custard with caramelized sugar (GF)