Smoked Haddock – 330 g

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Gerookte schelvis filet, ca 330 gram. Vrij van kleurstoffen en ontzettend lekker!

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What is haddock

Haddock (Schelvis) is a white fish in the cod family and caught in the North East Atlantic Ocean and North Sea. The fish weigh 2-3 kgs and the prime season is from November to March.

Smoked haddock

At Frank’s Smoke House, we filet the fresh fish and salt them by hand. The next day we wash off any remaining salt and lay the filets on racks. After a drying period of a few hours the  haddock filets are moved to the smoker where they are cold smoked for 10 hours at 26 C. Many countries apply a yellow-brownish food color to the haddock filets to give them a smoked look, but we do not! Our smoked filets have a light smoked color and that is enough.

Smoked haddock is quite popular in England and Scotland and is used in the Northern France kitchen as well. The fish is not used much in the Dutch kitchen.

Serving smoked haddock

Smoked haddock can be cut into thin slices and served on crackers or toast with horseradish or lemon. In the British and Scottish kitchens it is often cooked ( in milk), then flaked and mixed with other ingredients to make tradtional dishes.

Keep smoked haddock filets, tightly wrapped in plastic foil in the refrigerator for maximum 2 weeks.



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