Small scaled, hand crafted and responsible

Welcome to Frank's Smoke House, a small, local producer of high quality smoked fish  and meats. We smoke almost everything! Wild Alaska salmon, grain fed pork, mackerel, trout, organic chickens and turkeys, wild boar, cheeses and much more. Traditional, sustainable and delicious. We use honest and naturel ingredients, produced without hormones, antibiotics or other kinds of manipulation. Visit our smoke house shop in Amsterdam or browse through our webshop. We ship to all addresses in Europe using special packaging to insure that our products arrive in perfect shape.

A matter of wood, salt, fire and patience

Frank started his smoking career in 1994, in the shed in his back yard in Amsterdam. His first clients were local cafés and restaurants. It quicly developed to a more serious level and became a certified food operation in 1996. The current smoke house and shop was opened in 2000.

The business continues to develop in many ways with a wide range of products and clients, but the principle of hand crafted quality food products is still the same. The most important ingredients are salt, wood, fire and patience. Lots of patience as properly cured and smoked foods require time. The second to none quality requirements of our basic ingredients and production process explain the difference between our products and other commerically made food.

Direct from the smoker

Our wild Alaskan King Chinook Salmon is our most famous product. The fish are hook and line caught in the Golf of Alaska and are carefully selected before we we import them. The Alaska fishing industry is the most sustainable in the world and is even protected by the local laws there. We also smoke Sockeye and Label Rouge Scottish salmon, grain fed pork, halibut, mackerel, trout, free range chickens, wild goose, smoked butter and we end each year with our incredible smoked free range Christmas turkeys. Responsible and honest food. Hickory smoked smoked and pure. We also have a selection of non smoked delicatessen. Most of our products can be ordered through the webshop.